Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

TSM for Mac: Scheduling Automatic Backups

Web Client Preferences for the Tivoli Storage Manager

  • In the Applications folder re-open the Tivoli Storage Manager  folder 
    • Click the TSM Tools for

    Tivoli Storage Manager Folder (again)

  • The TSM Tools for Administrators screen will open 
    • Select Start the Client Acceptor Daemon
    • Click the OK button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  • Depending on your Firewall rules you may be asked to accept incoming network connections 
    • Click the Allow button

    Click Allow to Accept Incoming Connections

  • The Security screen will open.  You will not be able to make any changes until you click the lock to allow changes. 
    • Click the lock to make changes.

    Firewall Settings in the Mac OSX System Preferences

  • The Firewall Security screen will now be accessible 
    • Click the radio button beside Set access for specific services and applications
    • Select dsmagent to Allow incoming connections
    • Close the preference window by clicking the red dot in the upper left hand corner

    Allow Incoming dsmagent Connections through the Firewall

  • Once TSM is set up for scheduling you need to request what schedule you would like to be on.  Review the available schedules below and contact the IT Support Centre. Scheduling groups are as follows:
    Daily 8am - 5 pm weekdays
    After Midnight 00:00 - 10 am any day of the week (please specify)
    Noon Hour 12:00 - 1:00pm weekdays