Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Restore/Check What You Have Backed Up

Restore Your Backup

  1. Open TSM
    • Click on the Restore button

    Restore Button in TSM

  2. The TSM Restore screen will open. Note: This shows what files are available on the remote TSM server that can be restored to your computer. In the screen shot note that there are files for 2 separate computers listed
    • expand the File Level branch by clicking on the expand tree icon
    • Choose what files you want to restore. To restore all the files backed up for this hard drive click the checked box iconbeside the drive name.
    • To restore specific files, for example in our screen shot Eudora, check the box beside that directory
    • Click the Restore button

    Note: If your files do not show on the Restore screen, then they have not been Backed Up. Either you have not run a Backup since the files were created or the files may be excluded by the exclude rules.

    Two Computers Backing Up from the Same Account

  3. The Restore Destination screen will open
    • Select where you would like the files restored to
      • Original location will copy the files back into their original location, overwriting anything currently in that location
      • Following location will allow you to choose where to copy the files to
    • Choose how to restore the files
      • Restore complete path - this would be used if the entire hard drive was being restored. The directory structure would be the same as it was originally
      • Restore partial path - this would restore some of the files available, for example just the Eudora directory
      • Restore partial path without base directory - in our example, all the files will be copied into a directory without using the top directory "Eudora"
      • Do not preserve directory structure - all the files will be copied into one directory. There will be no subdirectories
    • Click the Restore button. TSM will begin to download files from the TSM server to your hard drive. Note: because these files will be fragmented across several tapes the backup could take quite a while. You need to leave your computer turned on for the entire time.

    Restore Destination

Check Your Backup

To check what you have backed up, follow the restore instructions above, but Cancel before restoring the files.

Last Updated: February 2, 2018