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Creating an Appointment or Event in Outlook 2011

This tutorial shows how to create appointments and events on Outlook 2011 Calendar

Creating an Appointment

An appointment is only for you, it does not require a booked room and occurs at a scheduled time. It can have an informal location, but this is for your reference only. A location in an appointment does not book a resource.  Examples of an appointment are:  Dentist appointment (out of office); time booked to work on a project (busy) 

  1. On the Home tab on the ribbon, click Appointment.
  2. This will open up the New Appointment window

    input the fields on the new appointment window
    • Enter a Subject for the appointment
    • Enter the location of the appointment (Optional)
    • Enter start and finish times.
    • Enter in the details (Optional).
    • Change your reminder if you want, the default is 15 minutes.
    • Click Save and Close.

NOTE: If you choose "All day event", the appointment will become an event. Uncheck "All day event" to switch back to an appointment.

Editing an Appointment

  1. To only edit the time of the appointment, you can just drag the appointment to the new time or lengthen/shorten the duration by dragging the resizing handles at the top and bottom margins of the appointment.
  2. To edit the details of the appointment, you'll need to double click on the appointment to open the appointment.
  3. To delete an appointment, double click on the appointment and select Delete on the ribbon.

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Creating an Event

An event is an appointment that lasts all day long. By default, an event doesn't block out time in your calendar. This means that an event can be used as just a note for the day. You can also change the settings to block out an entire day (like a vacation day). Examples of an event are:  A friend's birthday (free); vacation day (out of office)

  1. Double-click on the all day box of the calendar, this is located at the very top of the calendar.
  2. This will open the New Event window.
    • Do not uncheck "all day event", if you do, it'll become an appointment.
    • Enter in a Subject.
    • Enter in a location (Optional).
    • Enter in the details (Optional).
    • The default reminder for events is 18 hours before, you can change it if you would like to.
    • Click Save and Close.
  3. If you'd like an event to show you as busy or out of the office, choose the appropriate option from the Status dropdown box in the ribbon.

Editing an Event

  1. To edit an event, simply double click on it to open up the window.
  2. If you wanted to change the date of the event, drag and drop it to the correct date.
  3. To delete an event, double click on it and click Delete on the ribbon.

If you would like to set Recurrence, please see our tutorial on Recurrence.

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