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Opening a Shared Calendar Outlook 2011

This tutorial will teach you how to open another user's calendar. If you have been assigned as a delegate and given permission to view details, these will appear.  Keep in mind that in Outlook 2011, you cannot access other people's free/busy times without having permission.

  1. Ensure that Calendar is selected from the Navigation Pane.
    • From the Home tab of your calendar, choose Open Calendar.

    on the ribbon, click open calendar

  2. The Open a Shared Calendar dialogue will appear:
    • Click the little address book icon on the right 

    click on the icon

  3. The Contact Search box will appear
    • Search for the person whose calendar you would like to open.
    • Click OK

    search for the person

  4. Their calendar will now appear on the left pane under Shared Calendars

    shared calendars will appear on the left
  5. In Outlook 2011, your calendar and the delegated (shared) calendar are overlaid by default.  There is no way to view the calendars side by side.
    • You can uncheck your own calendar if you want to view only the shared calendar.
    • Items on the shared calendar appear slightly shaded in light blue.

    Calendars are displayed overlaid

NOTE: If you do not have permissions to view someone's calendar (ie you're not their delegate and they haven't shared their calendar with you) then when you try to open it, a warning window will pop up.

warning shows up when you try to access a calendar without permissions