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Creating a Recurring Appointment, Event, or Meeting in Outlook 2011

This tutorial shows how to set recurrences in Outlook 2011 Calendar

It may happen again and again, but that doesn't mean you have to enter it again and again. To tell Outlook that an appointment, meeting, or event occurs over, and over, you use the Recurrence feature.

Creating a Recurrence

Setting recurrence is the same for any entry, so for simplicity's sake, we will create a recurrence for an appointment.

  1. To set up a recurrence pattern, open the appointment and click the Recurrence button in the Ribbon.
  2. If the recurrence is really straight forward, there are a few choices in the drop down menu you can easily select:
    if you're recurrence is simple, select one of the following options on the drop down menu
    • Every *day of the week* - simple weekly recurrence
    • This day of every month - simple monthly recurrence
    • This date - simple yearly recurrence
    • Every day - simple daily recurrence
    • Or you can choose fine tune your recurrence.
  3. If you select Custom... ,  a window will open with several choices

    customize your weekly recurrence
    • The Repeats: menu allows you to choose the frequency of recurrence.
    • You can choose a Start date and End date.
    • Adjust your time if needed.
    • shown below are screen shots of weekly and daily customizations
      the custom settings for daily recurrences
  4. You may need to create several different recurring calendar entries to achieve the desired pattern for a single activity. 
    • For example, if you want to set up a payday event that occurs on the 15th of the month and also on the 30th of the month, you will need to set up two recurring events for that. (one for every 15th day, and one for every 30th day)

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Editing a Recurring Item

To open a recurring calendar entry to see its details or to change it, there are two options:

  • Edit the occurrence only
  • Edit the entire series

NOTE: when you change the time of the whole series, any exceptions you've made on a single occurrence for time will be overwritten. This is not true for changing the notes on the occurrence/series.

  1. To edit the occurrence only:
    • Right click on the item, mouse over Open > and click Occurrence.
    • Enter any changes you'd like to make, and click Save and Close (or Send Update if it's a meeting).
    • Whenever you edit any one occurrence in a series, it is no longer a part of the series; you'll see this symbol this symbol marks that the occurrence is separate from the series
    • Changing one occurrence will not affect the series whatsoever
  2. To edit the entire series:
    • Right click on the item, mouse over Open > and click Series.
    • Enter any changes you'd like to make, and click  Save and Close  (or  Send Update  if it's a meeting).

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Deleting a Recurring Item

  1. Delete the occurrence only:
    • Right click on the item
    • Mouse over Delete >, and click Occurrence.
    • TIP: Alternatively, you could also simply select the entry and press the delete key to remove the single occurrence.
  2. Delete the entire series:

    follow the instructions above to delete occurrences and/or series
    • Right click on the item
    • Mouse over Delete >, and click Series.

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