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Information Technology Services

View Meeting RSVP's in Outlook 2011

This tutorial shows you how to determine who will be attending meetings you have organized in Outlook 2011

You can only view the RSVP's if you are the one who organized the meeting! Invitees can see who else were also invited, but they cannot see the RSVP's.

Scheduling Assistant

click on the scheduling assistant to view invitee's RSVP's

  1. Double click on the meeting to open it
  2. On the ribbon, switch toScheduling view
  3. There will be a list of all attendees, to the right of each attendees' name, there are icons indicating their responses

    Accepted: Green check; Tentative: Blue question mark; Declined: Red X; No response: Gray dots

NOTE: Make sure you don't accidentally change any details of the meeting - or you'll have to send everyone updates!