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Opening a Shared Calendar in Outlook 2013

This tutorial will teach you how to open another user's calendar. If you have been assigned as a delegate and given permission to view details, these will appear.  Otherwise, the default free/busy information will be available.

  1. Ensure that Calendar is selected in the Navigation Pane
    • From the Home tab of your calendar, in the Manage Calendars grouping select Open Calendar.
    • Select Open Shared Calendar from the dropdown menu

    this image shows you how to open another user's calendar

  2. The Open a Shared Calendar dialogue will appear
    • Enter the name of the person who has shared their calendar with you, or click the Name... button to add them from the GAL (Global Address List).
    • Click OK

    this image shows you how to enter the name of the person whose calendar you want to view

  3. The calendar screen will open
    • You now have your calendar displayed and the calendar of the person who has granted you delegate status displayed beside it
    • On the Navigation Pane you now have a Shared Calendars group with the delegated calendar
    • You can close the shared calendar either by unchecking the calendar in the Navigation menu or clicking the X beside the Calendar name. 
    • When you close Outlook, the shared calendars will be saved for the next time.
    • To delete the calendar from your Navigation menu, right mouse click on the shared calendar in the navigation menu and from the flyout menu select Delete Calendar

    this image shows the screen after you have opened a shared calendar

    NOTE: You can follow the exact same steps for anyone in the GAL (not just those you have been assigned as a delegate for). Only their default free/busy times will appear if they have not specified otherwise