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Information Technology Services

Sharing Your Calendar With Someone Not From Queen's in Outlook 2013

You can choose to share any calendar that belongs to you with someone not at Queen's.  To do so, follow these instructions.  A snapshot of your calendar will be taken and sent to the person.  This is a snapshot of your calendar at this moment.  Any changes you make to your calendar will not be reflected in the snapshot. 

  1. Open your Outlook Calender
    • From the My Calendars section right mouse click the calendar you want to share with someone who is not at Queen's
    • From the flyout menu select Share
    • From the Share flyout menu select E-mail Calendar...


  2. The Send a Calendar via E-mail screen will open
    • In the Calendar: drop down menu the calendar you selected in display.  If you want to change this click the down arrow to view all your calendars
    • From the Date Range: field click the down arrow


  3. The Date Range: menu is displayed 
    • Select the dates to be included in the email.


  4. The Date Range: field will close 
    • From the Detail: field click the down arrow to display all options


  5. The Detail: field will open
    • Select how much detail to include in your email


  6. The Detail: field will close with your selected Availability displayed 
    • To only show your working hours click the checkbox beside Show time within my working hours only.
    • If you have not set your working hours and you only want these times to be displayed in the email click the Set working hours link
    • From the Advanced: field click the Show > > button


  7. The Advanced: section will open
    • If you want items marked private to be sent click the check box beside Include details of items marked private
    • If you want attachements included click the check box beside Include attachments within calendar items
    • From the E-mail Layout: drop down menu select the layout you would like to use
    • Daily schedule is displayed in Step 8
    • List of events is displayed inStep 9
    • Click the OK button


  8. An email message will open with your calendar inserted.  This screen shot shows the Daily Schedule view 
    • Enter the email address of the person you wish to send your calendar
    • Click the Send button


  9. If you choose the List of events display for your calendar this is how it will appear 
    • Enter the email address of the person you wish to send your calendar
    • Click the Send button