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Information Technology Services

View Meeting RSVP's in Outlook 2013

This tutorial shows you how to determine who will be attending meetings you have organized in Outlook 2013

The People Pane

Using the People Pane is the best way to track attendance for your meetings.

  1. To open the People Pane, navigate to your calendar
    • Double click a meeting you have organized
    • The People Pane will be at the bottom of the meeting window.  If it is collapsed, click the arrow to expand it.

    this image shows you how to expand the people pane

  2. With the People Pane expanded, you can now see the attendees for the meeting
    • Click through the tabs on the left to view attendees in those categories

    this image shows the people pane

NOTES: Although you can expand the People Pane on any meeting, you will only be able to see response details for meetings you organized.