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Information Technology Services

Configure Apple Mail for Office 365

Have you already configured your Apple Mail for another email address?

  • If so, follow these steps to configure it for your Exchange account. 
  • If this is the first time you are setting up Mail, skip to Step 2.

  1. Click on Mail in the tool bar, and selectPreferences...
    • Select the Accounttab
    • Click the+ button at the bottom left corner to add a new account
    • The Add Account window will pop open, with all the same format as the Welcome window mentioned in the  following steps:


  2. Start Apple Mail.The Welcome to Mail screen will be displayed
    • In the Full Name: field enter your name as you would like it to appear
    • In the Email Address: field enter your NetID email address.  Note if you have selected to use the email alias you must still use your email address
    • In the Password: field enter your password
    • Click the Continue button


  3. Once you click Continue, Apple Mail will search for the mail server. This usually happens very quickly so you might miss it.
  4. Apple Mail will detect the mail server settings and the Account Summary page will be displayed.  
    • Check the box beside Contacts.   Note:  Your Contacts will be in  Apple's Address Book
    • Check the box beside Calendars.  Note: Your Calendar will be in Apple's iCal.  
    • Click the Create button
    • Your mailbox will begin to populate with messages

  5. The Account Information screen will open
    • All the details of your account will be displayed
    • Your email is now ready to use.