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Information Technology Services

Configure Outlook 2011 for the Office 365

Office 2011 support ending

Office 2011 support will be ending October 10, 2017.  Users who have installed Office from Office365 will have been updated automatically to Office 2016.  Office 2011 is no longer available in Office 365 to be installed.

Users who are still running Office 2011 as obtained through My.Queen' should upgrade to Office 2016 before October 10, 2017.  Office 2016 is optimized for use with Office 365 and provides the best end user experience.  In October, Office 2011 will be removed from My.Queen'

Note: This is the preferred configuration for accessing your Queen's Email and Calendar.

Note:  The GAL and Meeting Room Finder is not available on Macs using Outlook 2011.  Instead of searching in the GAL for a person, enter their email address in the To: field and use the Check Names function to verify that the email address you have entered is correct. If you do not know the person's email address your can search for them on the Queen's People Search.

  1. Start Outlook 
    • From the Tools menu select Accounts...


  2. The Accounts screen will open
    • Click the Exchange Account button


  3. The Enter your Exchange account information. screen will open
    • in the E-mail address: field enter your email address
    • From the Method: drop down menu select User Name and Password
    • In the User name: field enter your NetID email address.  Note:  this must be your NetID email address, even if you have selected to use the email alias.
    • in the Password: field enter your password
    • Check the box beside Configure automatically
    • Click the Add Account button


  4. The Enter your Exchange account information. screen will display the  Detecting Exchange Server. information 
    • This usually happens very quickly and you may miss it.


  5. The Accounts screen will be displayed
    • Your account is configured and ready to use