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Information Technology Services

Creating and Using a Signature 

This tutorial teaches you how to define and customize signature(s) to appear at the bottom of your emails.

NOTE: The signatures you create here will NOT replicate to Office 365 Web App.

Creating a Signature

click outlook on the tool bar and select preferences.

  1. On the tool bar, click Outlook and select Preferences
  2. On the Email section, click Signatures
    • Click the button on the left bottom corner to add a new signature or click the - button to delete a signature
    • On the left, under Signature Name, enter your desired signature name
    • Enter your text on the right.  This can be just your name, or a closing remark such as thanks, regards etc.  

    Unfortunately, Outlook 2011 for Mac doesn't let you edit with fonts/colours and insert colours. However, if you want to have more functionality, you can compose your signature on a word document, and copy and paste it over.

    Give your signature a name on the left, and type in the content on the right.

Using a Signature

There are two ways to add a signature to emails: (1) by making it appear by default or (2) by manually inserting it into the email messages you want.

  1. Default Signature
    • While still in the Signatures Editor window, click on Default Signatures... at the bottom right corner
    • In the new window, if you have multiple accounts, select the one you want under Account (in screen shot below, the account "Queensu" was selected)
    • Select which signature you would like to be automatically added to every email you compose using this account
    • Do Not select random.

    signature window for selecting default sig

  2. Manual Insertion of Signatures
    • Close the Signatures Editor window after you've defined your signature(s)
    • Open up a new Email to compose
    • On the ribbon, click Signatures
    • Select the signature you want from the drop down menu

    manual insertion of sig into new email