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Information Technology Services

Forwarding Emails to Another Account Outlook 2011

This tutorial shows how to forward your emails to an external account such as Gmail or Hotmail.

Important information about student-employee email accounts

It is very important to keep your employee identity separate and distinct from your student identity. If you have already forwarded your employee email account to your student account, please remove the forwarding and ensure that any work-related email is transferred to your employee email account.

For further details, please read the Fact Sheet on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel site. For information on handling confidential university documents, refer to the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

  1. Click Tools in the toolbar, and select Rules...

    • Make sure on the left pane, you select your account (probably named Queensu) under OFFICE 365
    • Click the plus sign at the bottom left 
  2. The Rule name screen will open
    • At the Rule name: field, type something that?ll help you recognize the rule, such as ?Mail Forwarding to Gmail?
    • Under When a new message arrives that meets all these conditions: select ?All Messages? in the drop down menu
    • Under Do the following:  select Redirect to in the drop down menu
      • Type in your external email address in the box
    • Uncheck the box Do not apply other rules to messages that meet the same conditions
    • Make sure to check the box Enabled
    • Click OK
    • Close the Rules window, a dialogue window will come up ? click Save

    rules: what to put in the fields

Creating a Rule that Also Removes Email from the Server

If you choose to forward your email to another email account you will need to either continue to maintain your O365 email account ensuring you do not go over quota, or delete the forwarded emails from the O365 server. This involves adding one simple action to the rule. 

Follow the instructions exactly as above, then click the plus button under  Do the Following: (on the right) and add delete. 

To also delete the emails from the server, simply add a delete action under Do the Following.