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Creating a Vacation (Out of Office) Message in Outlook 2011

This tutorial shows how to use the Out of Office... feature  to create an auto-reply for when you?re out of the office or on vacation.

Creating an Out of Office... Message

  1. Click Tools in the toolbar, and then Out of Office

    Select Out of office from tool bar
  2. This will open up the Out Of Office Assistant  window vacation message options. see the instructions above.

    Turning off the Out of Office message

    • If you set a duration for your Out of Office, then you don't have to worry about turning it off, it will be done automatically
    • If you don't set a duration for Out of Office, remember to turn auto-reply off when you return to work!   Outlook 2011 will prompt you to turn auto-reply off whenever you restart the program.

    turn off auto reply

    • Select Send Out of Office messages
    • Type in your desired message in the box, this can be as long or as short as you want
    • Under more options, check the box that says I am out of the office between: (optional)
      • Enter in the date and time of your vacation duration
    • If you want to set Out of Office messages for people outside of Queen's, check Send replies outside my company to:
      • If you want to send the message to only people on your contact list, select Address Book contacts only
      • If you want to send the message to everyone who emails you, select Anyone outside my company
      • Type in your desired message for people outside of Queen's
    • Click OK to save