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Information Technology Services

Vacation Messages (Automatic Replies) in Outlook 2013

This tutorial teaches you how to create a Vacation Message, also known as an Auto-Reply Message, for when you are out of the office.

Creating Automatic Replies

  1. Click File to open the Backstage view
    • Select Info
    • Click Automatic Replies in the main pane

    Accessing automatic reply feature

  2. The Automatic Replies dialogue will appear. From this, you will be presented with a variety of options:
    • Turn Automatic Replies on or off
    • Choose a time range for your Automatic Reply (e.g. the length of your vacation). Although a setting a time range is recommended, it is not necessary.
    • You can switch between the two tabs to set unique Automatic Replies for co-workers or for contacts outside your organization.
    • Type your Automatic Reply in the text field at the bottom. You can customize font, colour etc.

    Creating a new automatic reply

  3. Click the OK button when finished

Turn Off Automatic Replies

If you did not set a specific time range for your Automatic Replies, Outlook will continue to send Automatic Replies until you choose to turn off this feature. To turn off  Automatic Replies:

  1. Click File to open the backstage view
    • Select Info
    • The Automatic Replies (Out of Office)section will be highlighted and tell you that automatic replies are currently being sent.
    • Click the Turn off button to stop sending Automatic Replies.

    Turn Off Auto-Reply

  2. If you are worried that you might forget to turn off your Automatic Replies, Outlook will ask you if you want to turn off your automatic replies whenever you sign in to Microsoft Exchange via the Outlook client. This message will appear directly below the Ribbon.
    • Click the Turn off button to stop sending automatic replies.

    Turn Off Auto-Reply from Ribbon