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Information Technology Services

Setting your Free - Busy Permissions

The Free/Busy option is used to determine who can see your calendar and how much they can see.  You can choose to show nothing, show only your free/busy times or to show details of your appointments.  Setting your permissions to show free/busy times is the preferred choice.  This allows your colleagues to schedule meetings with your while providing you with privacy.  Your colleagues will see when you are busy - but they do not see the details.

  1. Start Outlook
    • Select the File tab 


  2. The back office will open
    • Select Options


  3. The Options tab will open
    • Select Calendar from the navigation tabs on the left
    • Select Free/Busy Option...


  4. The Permissions tab of the Calendar Properties will open 
    • By default Permissions Levels are set to Free/Busy time. When viewed by others, any meetings or appointments in your calendar will show as busy
    • Different permissions can be set for different individuals.  For example, you may want a family member to know the full details of meetings in your calendar.
    • When finished, click the OK button