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Information Technology Services

Recall a Sent Message in Outlook 2013

Sometimes you may send a message and then realize for example, that you forgot to attach a file.  Office 365 allows you to recall a message you have sent to someone else on the Exchange server.  Note: once a message has been opened by a recipient it cannot be recalled.

Recalling a Sent Message

  1. Ensure Mail is selected in the Navigation Pane
    • Select Sent Items

    this image shows you how to navigate to sent items

  2. Locate and double click the message you wish to recall
    • On the Message tab, in the Move group, click Actions
    • Click Recall This Message

    this image shows you how to recall a message

  3. The Recall This Message dialogue will appear.  
    • You can choose to recall, or recall and replace with a new message
    • Select the appropriate option and click OK
    • If you choose to replace with a new message, a new message will open up automatically.  Simply compose as you would a normal email.

    this image shows you the options for recalling your message
    NOTES: Your message will only recall if the recipient has not yet read the email. Also, many other scenarios can render a message unrecalled, such as if a rule has moved the message on the recipients client. The messages will also most likely not be recalled from the recipients' mobile devices.