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Information Technology Services

Recovering Deleted Emails in Outlook 2013

Office 365 has a built in option to recover deleted emails,  When email is deleted it is moved to the Deleted Items folder.  It will  remain there indefinitely until the user choses the Empty Folder option on the Deleted Items folder.   After email has been deleted there is an additional 14 days before it is purged and no longer available for recovery.

Windows users can recover deleted items in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, or in the Office 365 Web App;  Mac users can do this in the Office 365 Web App.

  1. Navigate to the Deleted Items folder.

    Navigate to deleted items
    • Click on the Folder tab.
    • In the Clean Up grouping, click on Recover Deleted Items.

      Select Folder and then Recover items
      • You will see a list of messages organized by the dates on which they were deleted. Click the message(s) you want to recover, and then click the "Recover Selected Items" button on the top left corner. Messages are restored to the folder(s) from which they were deleted. You can select multiple messages by holding the control key.
        Recover deleted items here