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Download and Install Outlook 2016 for Mac from Office 365

There are two version of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac available for use on campus

  • Outlook 2016 is available as part of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus licensing and is available at no cost to Students, Faculty and Staff.  This version is intended for personal use on personally owned computers.
  • Outlook 2016 is available as part of Microsoft Office 2016 and is available for use on a Queen's-owned computer on campus.  It is available to Faculty and Staff. Install Microsoft Office 2016 from the MyQueen'sU portal. 

For more information see the  General requirements for Outlook for Mac  document.   

  1. Log into Office 365.
    • From the Settings menu select Office 365 settings.


  2. The Office 365 Settings menu will open.
    • From the left navigation menu select Software.
    • A list of software that is available will be displayed.
    • Select Office.

      Note:  MS Office ProPlus software is intended for use on your personal computers and devices. For Queen's-owned computers Microsoft Office software is available through the MyQueen'sU portal. 
    • In the Manage installs section you will see which computers you have installed Office on. To Deactivate an installation click the Deactivate button beside the computer name.
    • You will have a choice to Install Office for Mac 2011 and Get Outlook for Mac. Note: If you already have Office 2011 installed you can choose to install Outlook 2015.  You will continue to have access to Outlook 2011.
    • In the Get Outlook for Mac section click the Install button.


  3. The Microsoft Outlook.pkg file will be downloaded to your computer.
    • Click to begin the Install process.


  4. The Welcome to the Microsoft Outlook for Mac Installer screen will open.
    • Click the Continue button.


  5. The Software License Agreement will be displayed.
    • Read the agreement.
    • Click the Continue button.


  6. The To continue installing the software you must agree to the terms... screen will open.
    • Click the Agree button.


  7. The Standard install on "computer name" screen will be open.
    • This will perform a standard installation to the default location. If you would like to choose a different location where the software will be installed click the Change Install Location... button.
    • Click Install.


  8. The Welcome to Outlook screen will open.
    • Click the forward ( > ) icon.


  9. The next Welcome to Outlook  screen will open. 
    • Click the Get Started > button.


  10. The Keep Outlook for Mac up to date? screen will open.
    • Select the radio button beside Yes (Recommended).
    • If you would like to Send information to Microsoft... check the box.  To review the privacy statement click the Privacy Statement > button.
    • Click the Start Using Outlook button. 


  11. The Sign in to Activate screen will open.
    • Click the Sign In button.
    • If you choose not to sign in now click the Sign in later button you will not be able to send or receive email and Outlook will be available offline only. 


  12. The Sign in screen will open.


  13. The We Need a Little More Help screen may open. 
    • Depending on if you have a personal Microsoft account associated with your email, you may be given the option of using a Microsoft account (,, or your Work account.
    • Choose the Work account.


  14. The Queen's Office 365 Sign In screen will open.
    • Your email address will already be filled in.
    • Enter your NetID password.
    • Click the Sign In button.


  15. The Activating ... screen will open.
    • The activation should take only a few moments.


  16. The Complete screen will open.
    • Click the Start Using Outlook button.
    • Outlook will open and your email will being to populate.


  17. When Outlook opens your email will begin to populate.
    • Check the bottom right corner to see your status.  It could be connecting, downloading, connected, or read-only - Offline.


Last Updated: April 16, 2018