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Information Technology Services

Forwarding Emails to Another Account Outlook 2016

Office 365 does have a feature that allows you to forward email to another account without using rules.  This would be the preferred method of forwarding email.  For more information see the Microsoft tutorial Forward Email to Another Email Account.

Important information about student-employee email accounts

It is very important to keep your employee identity separate and distinct from your student identity. If you have already forwarded your employee email account to your student account, please remove the forwarding and ensure that any work-related email is transferred to your employee email account.

For further details, please read the Fact Sheet on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel site. For information on handling confidential university documents, refer to the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework.

If you have created a rule to forward your email to another account follow the instructions below to remove the rule.

Remove a Rule that was used to Forwarding Email to Another Account

  1. From the Tools menu select Rules... 

  2. The Rules screen will open
    • Select the Rule you want to delete
    • Click the - (minus) sign at the bottom of the Rules lists


  3. The warning Are you sure you want to delete the selected rules? will open 
    • Click the Delete button


  4. The Rule will no longer be visible in the list of Rules
    • Close the Rules screen


  5. The warning Do you want to save the changes that you made to your rules? will open
    • Click the Save button
    • Note:  if you do not  Save your changes, you will not delete the rule.