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Managing Your Junk Folder in Outlook 2015

This tutorial teaches you how to protect your account from junk mail. There are two ways to do so - manual input of blocked or safe senders, or marking emails in your inbox

Manual Input of Blocked or Safe Senders

Emails that are on the Blocked Senders list will be automatically put into the junk folder and emails that are on the Safe Domains list will never be put into the junk folder.

  1. Click on Tools in the tool bar
  2. Select Junk E-mail Protection
  3. Click the Safe Domains tab to edit your safe senders:
    • Type in domains that you would like to receive messages from safely (e.g.,
    • Separate each domain by a comma
    • Click OK
  4. Click the Blocked Senders tab to add blocked senders:
    • Type in addresses or domains that you don?t want to receive emails from
    • Separate each domain by a comma
    • Click OK 

    add in any email addresses or domains you think are junk

Mark as Junk (Or Not Junk)

More often than not, it is more convenient to assign email addresses as Junk  or Not Junk when messages are received. You can mark an email as junk or block the sender from a direct email that you have received on the go.

mark as junk in an email msg


Last Updated: February 27, 2017