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Creating and Using a Signature in Outlook 2016 for Mac

This tutorial teaches you how to define and customize signature(s) to appear at the bottom of your emails.

NOTE: The signatures you create here will NOT replicate to Office 365 Web App.


Creating a Signature

  1. Open Outlook
    • On the toolbar, click Outlook
    • Select Preferences


  2. The Outlook Preferences screen will open
    • From the Email section click Signatures


  3. The Signatures screen will open
    • Click the + button to add a new signature (or click the - button to delete a signature)
    • An Untitled signature will be created.  Double click on Untitled and enter your desired signature name
    • In the dialogue box to the right enter your signature. Note there are no options to format you signature.  You can format the signature each time you use it in an email, or you can create the signature in Word and copy it then paste it into the dialogue box 
    • Choose your default signature: If you have more than one account, you can choose a different signature for each account.  You can choose what signature to use for a new message and the same or different signature for replies or forwards. 
    • Default signatures will appear in every email.  If you do not want to use a signature for a particular email it can be deleted in the email itself.
    • Close the Signatures screen when you are finished


  4. Formatting a signature
    • When you create your signature there are no formatting options. 
    • You can format each signature when it is appended to an email you are sending or
    • You can open a Word document, add images, text, and formatting to create your preferred signature, then copy and paste it into the Outlook signature dialogue box.  Note:  each element of the signature will need to be copied and pasted by itself. 
    • Close the Signatures Editor window after you've defined your signature(s)


Using a Signature

When you create your Signature, if you choose to have it used as the default signature if will automatically appear in each new email you create.  If you have more than one signature you can either set one as a default, and change it when you like, or if not, set a default email and when you want a signature add it manually.   

  1. Changing default or manual insertion of signatures 
    • Open a new email to compose
    • On the Ribbon, click Signatures
    • Select the signature you want from the drop down menu
    • Your chosen signature is placed at the bottom of your email message


Last Updated: April 16, 2018