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Information Technology Services

Creating a Vacation (Out of Office) Message in Outlook 2016

This tutorial shows how to use the Out of Office... feature to create an auto-reply for when you?re out of the office or on vacation.

Creating an Out of Office... Message

  1. Select the Tools tab
    • Select Out of Office


  2. The Autoreply Settings screen will open vacation-two.png

Turning off the Out of Office message

  • If you set the duration of your absence you don't have to worry about turning it off, it will be done automatically
  • If you don't set a duration for Out of Office, remember to turn auto-reply off when you return to work! Outlook 2015 will prompt you to turn auto-reply off whenever you restart the program


  • Check the box beside  Send automatic replies for account " your account name
  • In the dialogue box enter the message you want to others to receive; this can be as long or as short as you want
  • Check the box beside Only send replies during this time period: 
    • Enter in the Start time and End time for your absence duration
  • If you want people outside of Queen's to receive an Autoreply messages, check Send replies outside my company to:
    • If you want to send the message to only people on your contact list, select Only to senders in my Contact list
    • If you want to send the message to everyone who emails you, select Send to all external senders
    • Type in a message for people outside of Queen's.  If you do not supply a message they will receive the same message as Queen's people.
  • Click OK to save