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Access a Shared Mailbox through Microsoft Office 365

A shared mailbox is a special email account that makes it easy for multiple individuals to read and respond to the email received in the shared mailbox. A shared mailbox is not owned by the person or persons who receive and respond to the email; it is owned by the department (or organization). Permissions to access the shared mailbox are controlled by the department's Exchange Administrator.    

Rather than log into the shared mailbox account, the user is given permissions to access the account.  They configure their email client (Office 365 and Outlook) to access the account, logging in with their own NetID and password.  When they respond to an email in the shared mailbox, instead of the From: field containing their name, it will contain the name of the Shared Mailbox account.  When a message is sent or replied to, the email looks like it was sent by the shared mailbox, not from the individual who is actually sending the email. 

There are two ways to access a shared mailbox in Office 365:  Create a persistent access that will establish a connection each time you login; and a one time connection that allows the user to login, but is not remembered the next time.  Persistent access has several advantages:

  • You can drag and drop between your mailbox and shared mailbox.
  • You don't have to go through the process to locate the shared mailbox each time you login 
  • You can select which email address will be used (your email address or the shared account's email address) as the from address