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Office 365 Groups FAQ

ITS has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the Online Support Form or call us at 613 533 6666.

Q. Why did I receive a message “We couldn’t create your plan. Please try again shortly” when trying to create a plan?

In order to use Microsoft Planner, an Office 365 group is required. At this time, Group creation is currently managed by ITS. Please contact your ITAdmin Rep to have a group created. Note: only full-time staff and faculty are eligible to own a group.

Q. Why did I receive an error message when trying to create a group?

When trying to create a group through Outlook on the Web (formerly known as Outlook Web App), you will receive a message: "Sorry, the ability to create groups has been turned off by the person who manages your email." Group creation is currently managed by ITS. Please contact your ITAdmin Rep to have a group created. Note: only full-time staff and faculty are eligible to own a group.

Q. What is the difference between an Office 365 group and a distribution list?

A distribution list is a set of email addresses. You can use the distribution list to send an email message or meeting invitation to all the addresses at once. An Office 365 group includes a distribution list but also includes a shared: Inbox for group email communication Calendar for scheduling group meetings and events Library for storing and working on group files and folders OneNote notebook for taking project and meeting notes Planning tool for organizing and assigning tasks and getting updates on project progress When you join a group, your email address is automatically added to the distribution list and you gain access to all group information. You don't have to wait to see group email or view a shared document. You join, you have access to everything, from everywhere: in the cloud, on the desktop, or on a mobile device.

Q. Can Office 365 groups be used in an email client or only through the Outlook on the web?

Groups can be used though Outlook 2016 (Windows) as well as Outlook on the web. The Outlook Groups app is also available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Compare Outlook Groups on All Platforms provides more details.

Q. How do I add an Office 365 Groups calendar to my Outlook calendar pane?

Office 365 Groups will appear in the Mail section of Outlook. The Group calendar will open in a new window after clicking on the Group's Calendar button. However, if you want the Group calendar to show up in your Calendar Navigation pane, you need to add the group to Favorites (right click on the group and then choose 'Add to Favorites'). Once you do this, the group Calendar will show on the Calendar Navigation pane at the bottom of the My Calendars group.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of members in a group?

Groups can include hundreds of members, but there are limits. Groups with more than 1,000 members might notice delays when accessing the calendar and conversations.

Q. Are groups private?

At Queen's, groups are private. Only approved members can access the group's content. 

Q.There is no group recycle bin, how can deleted files be recovered?

The ability to recover deleted content from a group has not yet been made available by Microsoft. If an item is deleted it will be permanently deleted.

Q. How do I restore a deleted Office 365 group or plan?

Deletion of a group or plan is permanent. There is no way to recover the group, plan or any of the items in the group. Recovery of deleted groups is in development by Microsoft.

Last Updated: Nov 2016