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Information Technology Services

Configure Skype for Business

Skype for Business is replacing Lync.

Skype for Business will be downloaded as part of the regular Office Updates (through Windows Updates) and anyone who has the Lync 2013 client installed will receive the Skype for Business download.  As soon as your computer is restarted the Skype for Business installation will begin.  During the installation the Lync icon will change to Skype for Business.

Depending on what version of Operating System you are using, locate the Skype icon or look in the program group for Skype for Business.

  1. The Skype for Business window will open
    • In the Sign-in address: field, enter your email address. Note: do not use a email alias.
    • Click the Sign in button
    • You may be prompted to enter your NetID password

    screen shot illustrating above step

  2. The Help Make Skype for Business Better! screen will open
    • It is your choice whether you want to provide Microsoft with error logs, etc.
    • Choose either Yes or No

    screen shot illustrating above step

  3. Skype for Business will open
    • At the top is What's happening today?  You can change this by clicking in this area and adding a message
    • Your email address, Availability, and Set Your Location are shown next.  You can change these so others will know where you are and if you are available.  Note your availability will automatically change depending on your Outlook calendar.

    screen shot illustrating above step

  4. To send someone an Instant Message click their name
    • Select how you would like to communicate with them: IM, phone, video, etc.

    screen shot illustrating above step

For more information on using Skype for Business see the Additional Microsoft Tutorials.