Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Join a Skype Meeting

  1. You will receive an email invitation to the Skype Meeting
    • If the meeting is taking place at a different time, click the Accept button.  You will receive a reminder before it is time for the meeting to begin and the meeting will appear in your Outlook Calendar
    • Click the Join Skype Meeting link

    screenshot for step 1

  2. The Skype for Business Web App screen will open
    • In the Guest field enter your name
    • You will participate in the meeting through your web browser.  If you have not already install the Skype for Business Web App make sure the check box beside Install Skype for Business Web App plug-in is selected
    • Click the Join the meeting button

    screenshot for step 2

  3. If the Skype for Business Web App is needs to be installed the installation will begin
    • When prompted, click the Save File button

    screenshot for step 3

  4. The Skype for Business Web App Plug-in will be installed
    • Once installed the Web App will run

    screenshot for step 4

  5. Your browser may request permission to run the Skype for Business Web App
    • Click the Allow button

    screenshot for step 5

  6. The Skype for Business Web App will run
    • You will be joined to the meeting
    • The present may have configured the meeting so everyone waits in the "Lobby" until they are ready to begin.
    • Do not close the window or run another app.  This would cause you to leave the Lobby. 

    screenshot for step 6

  7. The Present will be advised that you (and others) are waiting in the lobby. 
    • The Presenter decides to admit individuals or everyone 

    screenshot for step 7

  8. To participate in the meeting you may need to set up your audio device
    • Click the link You need to set up an audio device for help

    screenshot for step 8