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Information Technology Services

Checking Your Quota in Outlook 2013

This tutorial teaches you how to view the storage capacity of your Exchange account in Outlook 2013.

Your quota on the Exchange system is taken up by email, calendaring and any other information that you store in Exchange. Queen's offers 5 GB of space for every user on Exchange. Additional storage space is available for a fee. 

It is important to be aware of your quota status because you will be unable to send mail if you exceed your 5 GB limit. To clean up your data and free up space, remember to periodically delete the items you no longer need, and empty the Deleted Items folder.

How to Check Your Quota in Outlook 2013

  1. Click the File tab
    • Select the Info option
    • In the Mailbox Cleanup section, you can see your quota as well as how much space you're currently using.

    in the mailbox cleanup section, you can check your quota

  2. You can see a more detailed breakdown of the data you have stored on Exchange:
    • Click the Cleanup Tools button
    • Select Mailbox Cleanup...

    Click cleanup tools

  3. The Mailbox Cleanup window will appear.
    • Click the View Mailbox Size... button. Here you can view all the data you have stored both locally and on Exchange.

    Click view mailbox size