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Searching for Meeting Requests in Outlook 2013

With the new influx of email from the Exchange Calendar, users sometimes have trouble locating meeting request emails.  There are several ways of accomplishing this in Outlook 2013.

Arrange by Type

Each folder can be arranged by Type to display messages.  This will group all meeting requests together in a folder for easy viewing.

You can arrange any folder by type. For example, you can do this to find meeting requests in your Inbox, that you have not responded to, and locate them in your Deleted Items, after having responded.

  1. Select the folder you want to search for meeting requests in (Inbox, deleted items etc.)
    • Click Arrange By and select Type

    this image shows you how to arrange by type

Creating a Search Folder

If you don't want to have to arrange multiple folders by type to locate meeting requests, you can create a search folder that will populate with meeting requests from all folders.

  1. Ensure Mail is selected in the Navigation Pane
    • Right Click on Search Folders
    • Select New Search Folder...

    this image shows you how to create a new search folder

  2. The New Search Folder dialogue will appear
    • If you have more than one email account, ensure your Exchange account is selected
    • Scroll down and select Create a custom Search Folder
    • Click Choose

    this image shows you how to create a custom search folder

  3. The Custom Search Folder dialogue will appear
    • Enter a name for your folder
    • Click Criteria

    this image shows you how to name your folder and select criteria

  4. The Search Folder Criteria dialogue will appear
    • Click Advanced
    • Click the Field dropdown
    • Select All Appointment Fields -> Meeting Status

    this image shows you the criteria to select

  5. Change the Value to either Accepted, Declined, Tentatively Accepted, or Not yet Responded
    • Click Add to List
    • Repeat step 4 but add a different value until your list looks like the figure below
    • Click OK through each previous menu

    this image shows the values and criteria to add

Your Search Folder will now be created. This will also populate with meeting cancellations, in addition to requests. You can Arrange by Type as shown above within this folder as well, to separate cancellations from requests.