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Sharing a Folder in Outlook 2013

This tutorial teaches you how to share a specific folder in your email account with others.

On an Exchange Server, you have the ability to share calendars and email folders with specific people on GAL. This may be useful for folders that contain emails regarding a particular project that you are working on with a team. In this tutorial, we will be covering how to share folders in your inbox with other people; we won?t be talking about calendars.

Permission Roles

These are the pre-defined roles in the Permissions tab. If these are unsatisfactory, you can also create custom permission settings:

  • Owner - the person will have the same permissions to your folder that you have.
  • Editor - the person can see full details, create items, edit, and delete all items.
  • Publishing Editor - the person can do everything an Editor can, plus create subfolders.
  • Author - the person can see full details, create items, but edit/delete only the items that they created.
  • Publishing Author - the person can do everything an Author can, plus create subfolders.
  • Nonediting Author - the person can do everything an Author can, but cannot edit items
  • Reviewer - the person can see full details, but that?s all.
  • Contributor - the person can put appointments on your calendar but cannot see details of existing appointments.
  • None - the person cannot see any information related to your calendar

It is not a good idea to share your entire inbox, rather you should share only the necessary folder(s)!

    Sharing Your Folder with Someone Else

    Make sure you're in Mail on the Navigation Pane

    1. Right click on your account folder - this is the grey title that is your Queen's email address
      right click your account name and click folder permissions
      • Select Folder Permissions...
    2. The Outlook Today Properties window will open:
      Search for the person you want to share with and click ok
      • Click Add ...
      • Search for the person you?d like to share your folder with from the GAL
      • Click OK 
    3. Back at the Outlook Today Properties Window:
      select the user you added and check folder visible
      • Select the user you just inputted
      • Check the Folder Visible box
      • Click OK
    4. Now back at the Mail view, on the left panel:
      right click the folder you want to share and select properties
      • Right click the folder you want to share, and click Properties
    5. The Folder Properties of "Shared Folder" will open:
      • Click Permissions
      • Click Add User...
      • Select the user as before
      • Click OK
    6. Back at the Folder Properties  window:
      click the user you added and select the appropriate permission
      • Click on the person's name to highlight
      • Select the appropriate Permission Level.
      • Click OK 

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    Opening a Folder That Has Been Shared with You

    1. Click File to open the Backstage View
      enter the backstage view and click account settings
      • Click Account Settings 
      • Select Account Settings... from the dropdown
    2. The Account Settings window will appear 
      select your queens account and click change
      • Select your Queen's email address
      • Click Change
    3. The Change Account window will open
      click advanced and add the person whose folder you want to see
      • Click More Settings..
      • Click Advanced in the window that appears
      • Click Add 
      • Type in the person's name or email address
      • Click OK
      • Click Cancel in the Change Account window
      • Click Close in the Account Settings window
    4. It takes a minute or two for Outlook to refresh and show the new folder. Once it does, you should see new shared folder(s) under the person's name on the left panel.
      You can now find the persons name on the side

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