Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Videoconferencing Facilities

ITS has a 9-seat videoconferencing boardroom in Room D120 Mackintosh-Corry Hall. This room can be used for job interviews, meetings, thesis defenses or to see and talk to colleagues, family or friends.

Getting Started


  • Queen’s faculty, students and staff.

Additional Information

Technical Specifications:

  • The room is equipped with a Polycom VSX 8400 dual display videoconferencing system which allows connectivity by either ISDN lines or IP. The use of ISDN lines involves long distance charges; however, there are no line charges for IP connections. It is also capable of connecting to those desktop VC systems which use the h.323 standard.


  • An ITS technician is required, so users need not have any specialized knowledge of the equipment. Please refer to our page on Service Fees for details.

Room Bookings:

  • To book, or for more information regarding this room, please contact David Smith (by email at or by telephone at 613-533-6572) or Rodney Busch (, 613-533-6000 ext. 74955).