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What's New in ITServices?


from "The Gazette," 8 September 2008

New Services

A number of new services are now available to faculty, staff and students. QShare, our web-based file storage and sharing solution that's available anytime, anywhere, has been expanded to serve the undergraduate student population. The Queen's Wiki, an online collaboration tool that allows users to create, share and publish content to the web, is now up and running and also available for undergraduates.

In the area of computing safety, ITServices, in conjunction with the Senate Information Technology Committee, has published Electronic Information Security Guidelines intended to help the Queen's community understand the risks in handling electronic information, as well as recommending practices that help safeguard the security of information. Stemming from this, ITServices now offers a secure hard drive destruction and disposal service.

For those interested in multimedia resources, a pod/vodcasting studio, complete with editing capabilities, is available to the entire Queen's community. Media streaming accounts are available to faculty, staff and departments, allowing audio and video to be delivered across a network without having to download the entire media file. The Emerging Technology Centre is a multimedia lab which continues to be open to faculty, staff and students who would like to explore new technologies in teaching and learning environments, or who wish to enhance their academic or personal projects. The ETC offers free workshops, advice, equipment loans, and a state-of-the-art lab which you may use at your leisure.

Wireless Network Improvements

This year, 86 new wireless access points have been added to classrooms and auditoriums. In addition, wireless access points have been installed in many of the residence common rooms. We are continually expanding wireless service. Encrypted wireless security (WPA2) is available everywhere there's a wireless network at Queen's.

Workshops and Training

A new school year means new opportunities for learning - and not just for students. This fall, our regular course offerings for staff and faculty include training in QShare, the Queen's Wiki, Oracle Calendar, WebPublish, WebCT, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. Starting in October, training will also be available for the CUP@Q - the Computer Users' Passport at Queen's. The passport is a new program from ITServices designed to introduce and/or refresh basic computing skills. The passport comprises six modules - file management, security, effective web use, spreadsheets (Excel 2007), word processing (Word 2007) and presentations (PowerPoint 2007). Participants will earn a Passport Stamp after completing each of the modules.

This fall marks the first time that ITServices will be offering workshops to students in partnership with the Queen's Learning Commons QLearn Certificate program. The QLearn program assists students in developing their research, writing, learning and computer skills, and ITServices will be offering technology workshops in areas such as podcasting, collaboration tools and security.

Buying a New Computer?

Some new computers are being sold with 64-bit versions of Vista. ITServices does not currently support 64-bit operating systems, but we are moving toward this over the next several months. Please call the IT Support Centre (613.533.6666) for more information about antivirus protection with 64-bit operating systems.

Speaking of antivirus protection, are you running Windows on an Apple computer? If so, make sure you protect yourself by installing Symantec Antivirus, which is available free of charge by downloading it through Ida.

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