Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! Each week ITS will be releasing important information to keep our community safe online. For more information about this initiative, visit the ITS Cyber Security Awareness page.


Proactively protect your mobile device

Whether your device is a phone, tablet or laptop, keeping connected is easier than ever. From classrooms to boardrooms to living rooms or your local café, mobile devices can increase productivity by creating convenience and flexibility.

Protecting your mobile device is especially important because, not only do these pieces of technology house our connections to email, contacts, social networks and even online banking accounts, they are also small, making them easy targets for a thief to swiftly grab and go.

The first essential line of  defence with a mobile device is to protect it with a strong password or an uncommon PIN. Having a locked device makes it more difficult to steal your information if the thief can’t open the system.

Backups – not just for desktops

Mobile devices often are at greater risk of loss, theft and damage due to their portable nature. It is just as important to backup the information on your mobile device as it is for your desktop computer. Saving data using Microsoft’s cloud or backing up your files to a desktop computer will ensure that your files are still accessible in the case that your phone goes missing and you need to reset the settings.

Use a remote wipe service, if and when you need it

Sensitive information such as personal identification or confidential communications can fall into the wrong hands if you lose your phone or mobile device. Office 365 users who need to wipe their mobile device can follow the instructions on the ITS Wipe Your Mobile Device page. If you’re trading in or selling an old phone, this service can also be used to restore the phone to factory settings to ensure that your data does not get passed on to a new user.  To use this service your phone must be configured to access your Office 365 email account and your device must be online before it can be wiped.

Encrypt your mobile device for added security

While a password or PIN can stop unwanted access into your phone, encryption takes protection one step further. Even if your device is lost or stolen, having the data encrypted means the information is safely locked up. If your phone contains sensitive or confidential university data, it is required by the Queen’s Electronic Information Security Policy that you must encrypt the data. Visit the ITS webpage on Encryption Best Practices or learn more about encrypting your devices on the ITS Encryption Service.