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Information Technology Services

The Knowledge Collaboration Centre is getting noticed!

KCC logoA recently published report from the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) brought the Queen’s-led Knowledge Collaboration Centre (KCC) to the forefront of higher education innovation. Published in December 2015, the report focuses on how Ontario higher education institutions are improving operational efficiency by establishing a platform for information sharing and collaboration.

As a benefactor of the Ontario government’s Productivity and Innovation Fund (PIF), Queen’s, commissioned a study in collaboration with 12 other higher education institutions, to identify the potential shared services opportunities between the institutions. The final report identified a number of these opportunities, which collectively would produce $11.2 million of potential productivity gains, future operational savings and service delivery improvements over a 10-year period.

Content management platform creates valuable efficiencies and cost savings for member institutions

To enable these opportunities, the study identified that a framework for sharing and collaboration would have to be established. Queen’s worked closely with 5 of the 12 members of the PIF study to officially establish the framework through the launch of the KCC project in November 2015.

This process of sharing content and knowledge is really beneficial to all KCC members,” says Bo Wandschneider, Chief Operating Officer and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services). “Instead of one institution spending hours and resources independently trying to figure out how to do something, for example, the best way to implement a PeopleSoft upgrade, another member may be able to quickly and efficiently provide the information through the online platform. The more members the KCC can draw, the greater the collaboration pool and the greater the value that’s provided to all member institutions.”


Growing awareness and attracting more members is key to the success of the KCC. It’s a positive feedback loop – the more active members, the more information is available and the more users are likely to use the platform as a go-to source of information. Additionally, as more content is uploaded to the KCC, the more valuable the KCC becomes to users.

Going forward, the Knowledge Collaboration Centre plans to continue identifying new opportunities for collaboration and information sharing among its member institutions.

For more information about the KCC, visit the Knowledge Collaboration Centre website or email Aimee Lara Bacallan, Coordinator, Knowledge Collaboration Centre.




To view or download a copy of the report click the link below:
Faster, Cheaper, Smarter: Improving Efficiency at Ontario Universities (PDF 4.36 MB*)
* PDF files can be read for free using Adobe Acrobat Reader