Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Sharing files? Make sure you are using a Queen’s secured method

Are you using Dropbox to share files with others? In 2012, Dropbox experienced a security breach where users’ credentials were stolen. Recently it has come to light that the breach affected a much larger number of accounts than originally suspected.

It is important that users of Dropbox change their password immediately, even if it was changed following the 2012 breach.

If you are using your Queen’s email account and password for this service, we recommend going to the NetID Profile Manager and changing your password as well.

Use a Queen’s Supported File Sharing Service

Using unsecured, unsupported platforms can put you at risk personally and professionally. It also puts the university as a whole at risk. The data on your computer is considered Queen’s University property that has been entrusted to our faculty, staff and students. Data privacy and protection is everyone’s responsibility at the university as outlined in the Electronic Information Security Policy Framework from the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel.

Queen’s University provides three distinct file storage and sharing services. It is highly recommended to use a Queen’s supported platform for file sharing.

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