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Post Email Service Decommissioning


In 2007, Queen’s adopted a new email service, introducing the “” format while allowing the older “” format to continue running in the background, forwarding to the new address. Plans are now underway to discontinue the @post email service, and all associated email addresses.



How will this affect personal Post email accounts?


Service for personal email accounts will end on November 26, 2013. After November 26, email sent to these addresses will no longer be received.

Therefore, personal email account holders are advised to consider whether their @post email address is still used in any of the following ways. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive.)


Contact information


You may need to check to see if you are still using your old @post email address for:


  • departmental websites
  • research grant agencies (e.g. NSERC)
  • submissions to publications (e.g. research journals, etc.)

You might also want to find out if any friends, family or colleagues still have your @post email address in their contact lists or address books, and to provide them with a new email address.


Online registration for hardware or software products


You may need to determine if you have ever used your @post email address to register products online – from vendors like Adobe, Apple or BlackBerry, for example. If so, you will need to change your account/registration settings through the vendor’s website, or by contacting them directly.


Online account password recovery/reset


If your @post email address is being used to retrieve account information for websites or online services (e.g. online banking), you will need to change your email address through the service provider.


External mailing lists


You may need to change your email address if you are subscribed to any mailing lists that are not hosted on ITServices has made the required changes for @post accounts on Queen’s internal mailing lists, but we cannot make changes on externally hosted mailing lists.



How will this affect departmental Post email accounts?


Service for departmental @post email accounts will end in August 2014. Post email will no longer be supported after this date.


Departments may still be using their email addresses in the following ways – in addition to those mentioned above for personal Post email accounts. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive.)


Contact information


It may be necessary to do a thorough review of all department websites and documentation to determine if the @post email address is still in use – including printed materials and archived or hidden web pages that are still being indexed by search engines.


Automated processes and business processes


Some business processes may be using @post email addresses in forgotten or unknown ways. These can include:


  • applications or online forms that use email addresses
  • multifunction devices that relay scanned documents to a email address

Owners of these processes are advised to audit their code and configuration settings and to change any @post email address to something more current.


You may have devices that are configured to send email using “” as an email or SMTP server. These devices include:


  • multifunction devices
  • scanners
  • fax
  • printers
  • photocopiers

Owners of these devices are advised to check their settings and to reconfigure them to use “”



How will this affect Post web space accounts?


On October 1, 2013, we plan to remove access to Telnet and FTP, replacing them with SSH and SFTP. Instructions on how to set up SSH and SFTP to access your Post website can be found in these tutorials on the ITServices website.


There will be no changes to your web space content and your URL will remain the same:



Help & Support


Further information on how to resolve potential issues can be found in the Post Email Decommissioning FAQs.


If you would like to delete your Post email service in advance of the scheduled decommissioning date, please contact the ITServices Support Centre by phone at 36666. The ITSC will need to verify your identity before fulfilling your request. If you are unable to call the ITSC, please contact your ITAdmin Rep who will call the ITSC on your behalf.


For any other questions, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the online help form.


Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000