Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Service Deprovisioning Procedure Updates

This procedure establishes what happens to an employee's IT access privileges when they leave the employ of Queen’s University.

What do I need to know about these updates?

Beginning December 2016, changes will be made to the Service Deprovisioning Procedure. Enforcement of the deprovisioning of access to Queen’s email accounts as well as all other NetID services will begin immediately upon termination of employment.

Who do the updates apply to?

The procedure applies to all Queen's employees whether full-time, contract or casual, unless otherwise specified by their collective agreement.

Why is Queen's implementing these updates?

The NetID Deprovisioning Procedure was developed in order to reduce security and compliance risks.

  • If you no longer work for the university, you no longer require access to the network services at the university.
  • Without proper deprovisioning, the university may be in violation of software licensing.

To read more about the policy and the exceptions that apply, please visit the Service Deprovisioning page on the ITS website at