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Information Technology Services

Hand holding a phone showing Office 2016

Office 2016 is coming to Queen's for Windows and Mac ... and it's free!

Office 2016 will be available to Queen’s students, faculty and staff starting in February. Due to the different licensing options available for Office 2016 please read the offerings below to identify how the upgrade will affect you.


  • Students, faculty and staff who have installed Office 365 ProPlus on their computer will automatically be offered an upgrade to Office 2016.
  • Starting February 23 2016, Microsoft will begin to identify Office 365 ProPlus installations and download the files needed to upgrade (just over one GB). When the user starts one of the Office apps they will be notified that an upgrade is available. If the user agrees, the upgrade begins.
  • If you do not get prompted to upgrade after February 23, you can manually download Office 2016 by logging into Office 365 and downloading the new version to your computer. See the Download & Install tutorials (Windows or Mac) for instructions.


  • Queen's computers can upgrade to Office 2016 too! Versions of Office 2016 for Mac and Windows are available from MyQueen’sU (preferred)* and from Office 365.




The university provides Office through a variety of licensing options but the important thing is that everyone can install the current version of Office on multiple computers and mobile devices.

  1. Students through Office 365
  2. Faculty and staff for personal use through Office 365
  3. Faculty and staff departmental (Queen's) owned computers through MyQueen'sU or Office 365.
  4. Managed Department’s computers contact your Supervisor to arrange to have the latest version deployed to your computer.

New for faculty and staff is the Microsoft Home Use Program where an Office installation that is not tied to either a subscription or to a KMS license, can be purchased directly from Microsoft.

For more information on the different license options and for more detailed information on whether to remove previous versions, please see the Microsoft Office Versions web page.

Additional Resources:

* Installing Office ProPlus (from Office 365) on departmental computers is not recommended for staff/faculty that have delegate relationships (managing another person’s email/calendar) as all members in this relationship should be running the same version of Office.  The best way to ensure this, is to only install Office 2016 from MyQueen’sU   Individual users on departmental computers can install either version, knowing that the version from Office 365 will automatically upgrade to the newest version when available from Microsoft.