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Information Technology Services

Office 365 ProPlus: FREE to All Queen's Students!

Office 365 ProPlus is Here!Office 365 ProPlus is now available to all Queen's students. It is now possible to download and install Microsoft Office applications - for free!

What is Office 365 ProPlus?

Office 365 ProPlus is a subscription service for the current version of Microsoft Office that includes all of the same applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access and Lync. But its main advantage over the traditional, "desktop" version of Office, is that it isn't limited to a single computer. ProPlus can be installed on up to five different devices - even Macs and mobile devices!

Microsoft recently launched a program called "Student Advantage" that provides students with free access to Office for the duration of their time at school. This is a tremendous gain for students because they now have the opportunity to learn with industry-standard programs regularly used in the business world. It means no longer having to find workarounds using web-based applications like Google Docs or Open Office; and because ProPlus is integrated with Office 365 email and calendaring, sharing and collaboration will be even easier!

For Students: How to Get It

Visit and log in using your "" email address. This will take you directly to the software downloads area in Office 365.

You can find full instructions for downloading and installing in the Office 365 ProPlus Tutorials.

For students who have already purchased Office:

The Campus Computer Store has been offering Office 365 University to students for $79 for a four-year subscription. This has certain advantages if you are planning to leave Queen's within the next four years, because it allows you to continue using Office for the full subscription term, while Office 365 ProPlus is only free while you are enrolled at Queen's.

If you have already bought a version of Office, you can keep using it after you graduate from Queen's, so the investment will not go to waste.

For an explanation of these differences, please see: Microsoft Office Versions

Queen's and Microsoft: Partners in Productivity

Microsoft Video
Watch this video to see how we're working with Microsoft to bring you the best possible tools for working and learning at Queen's.

Queen's University qualifies for the Student Advantage program because we have purchased Microsoft Office for all faculty and staff. Also, since moving the majority of our students to Office 365, it is now easier for us to take advantage of new service offerings like this. And with the campus-wide release of Microsoft Lync last September, there are now even more ways for students to collaborate with their peers and their instructors.

This is the latest in a series of new service enhancements from Microsoft that are being planned in the near future. Adopting cloud technology has allowed us to provide the Queen's community, both on and off campus, with a more seamless experience for interaction and collaboration within a virtual environment. Initiatives such as these help us to support innovation and keep pace with change in the years ahead.

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