Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Final Notice: Post email service ending August 1

This is a final reminder that Post email service ( will be decommissioned on August 1, 2014. After this date, email addresses using will no longer exist.

Departments and individuals are advised to determine if any automated or business processes are using an "@post" email address or the "" domain. To avoid problems resulting from loss of service, please see the following recommendations:

  • If the email address is listed on any departmental websites, update it to a current email address. Any printed materials or documentation that is still in use should also be updated.
  • Any applications or online forms that send data using the @post email address should be modified.
  • If there are any multifunction (all-in-one) devices, scanners, printers or copiers that relay scanned documents to an @post email address, you will need to change this setting.
  • Devices that relay email through the “” server should be reconfigured to use “” for SMTP instead.

Please note that Post web service will not be affected. If there is web space is associated with a Post account, there will be no changes to its content and the URL will remain the same:

Help & Support

Further information on how to resolve potential issues can be found on the Wiki page: Post Email Decommissioning FAQs.

For any other questions, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613-533-6666 during regular business hours, or by filling out the online help form.