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Microsoft Office Delve

Use Microsoft's Office Delve for greater organization and efficiency

ITS is pleased to introduce Office Delve, Microsoft's new Office 365 app, to students, faculty and staff who use Queen's Microsoft Office 365! Office Delve helps you find the most relevant information efficiently. When sharing your files and documents with colleagues and team members, this makes collaboration easy. Based on your working habits, Office Delve presents content to you intuitively using visual content cards. You can find Office Delve on the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus app launcher menu.

For information on helpful tutorials and FAQs, please visit the ITS Microsoft Office Delve page.

Key features include:

Creating a profile to identify yourself to the Queen's community

Under the Me page, you can choose to view 'Activity' or 'Profile'. Create a profile that functions like a business card, letting others in your organization know who you are and what you can do. Add in information about yourself and/or past projects you've worked on. Show off your skills!

Storing your documents where Delve can find them

To ensure that you are getting the best experience from Delve, store and share your documents in OneDrive for Business. You don't have to remember the name of a file or where you saved it. Delve makes it easy to find all of the files you've worked on or accessed recently. Delve can also display files stored as attachments in Outlook. Delve will determine which files are most used and arrange them on your Home page for easy reference.

Collaborating made easy!

Delve help you connect and collaborate with team members and colleagues. You can view data specifically related to your work or the files that have been shared with you. With Delve, information is readily available rather than wasting time searching through your folders. Create boards to share specific project documents with your team. When you share and edit each other's documents, Delve learns and tailors information to each of you on a personalized page. Note: Board names are open to everyone in the organization, however privacy settings can be arranged so that others don't see documents that you haven't shared with them.

How can I ensure my documents are safe?

If you want to keep a document secure, store it in OneDrive for Business but choose not to share it. These locked documents will show up in your personal Delve app but will not show up in others' Delve boards. You will know your documents are secure when they are marked by a padlock and it is stated "Only You" in the sharing column of OneDrive for Business.

When sharing documents, use the Email invitation option rather than creating a link. Creating links will cause documents to appear in the Delve app for everyone in your organization. This can be especially dangerous if you have enabled an 'edit' link. Others can then access those documents and make unwanted changes.

  Office Delve

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security and privacy of your documents, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 or filling in the online help form.