Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

ITS project information relocated to the PPO Dashboard

In accordance with ITS' mission, the Project Portfolio Office (PPO) strives to proactively advance
university-wide project coordination and provide project management development, develop project quality standards, evaluate project risk mitigation as well as provide support for IT governance and management.

ITS Mission Statement

To establish and maintain information technology services

chosen by the Queen's community and to support the university's position as one of Canada's leading learning institutions.

One of the areas of focus of the PPO is the maintenance of the Project Portfolio Office Dashboard. The PPO Dashboard provides an overview of the enterprise IT projects currently being tracked by the PPO, offering at-a-glance information about project status, health and timelines.

In addition to the PPO Dashboard, information about IT projects being led by ITS has been available for review on the ITS website under the "In the Works" tab. Effective May 22, 2015, the "In the Works" section was retired from the ITS website, and the information that was there has been moved to the PPO Dashboard. This will allow users to find project information more quickly and efficiently in one central location.

Project information now in one central location

Please visit the CIO website for more information regarding the PPO Dashboard.