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Microsoft enabling Clutter 

Previously an optional feature from Microsoft, Clutter will now be enabled for all Office 365 users in July 2015

Clutter is designed to make your life easier by sorting your incoming email. Based on your reading habits over time, Clutter will determine which messages are less important and automatically filter them into the Clutter file. Don't miss your email! Ensure you check the Clutter folder as it could move legitimate email into this folder.

When email comes in, you can designate it as clutter. Likewise, if you find an email in the Clutter folder that is not clutter, dragging it back to the Inbox will mark is as not clutter. Clutter will learn from this and in the future it will leave it in the Inbox.

Clutter will be turned on for users in early July. If you begin to use Clutter and decide it is not for you, it can be disabled in the Office 365 Options under the Settings menu.

Once Clutter has been enabled, you will see a Clutter folder in Office 365 and in your Outlook client. Messages automatically placed in the Clutter folder will not appear in the Inbox of your mobile device. For more information on Clutter, visit the ITS Microsoft Features page.

More Microsoft features to come!

As Microsoft continues to develop and launch new product features, ITS will continue to keep our users apprised of the developments. New features will also be compiled on the ITS Microsoft Office Features page for quick reference of the benefits and release dates.