Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access Services Now Available for Secure Remote Access

Have you ever needed to access information or documents from the Queen's network while away from your office?

Queen's ITS is now offering Enterprise Remote Access services to access campus online services and resources. Enterprise Remote Access services will be available for all faculty, staff and students. 

Users will now have two options for connecting remotely to the Queen's network.

Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG): Remotely connect to a Windows computer on campus, for example your office Windows computer. Essentially this allows you to virtually "take control" of your office Windows computer from another computer to access files or licensed software available on that particular computer. Instructions for using the Remote Desktop Gateway can be found on the ITS website.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Remotely access resources only available on the Queen's network. This option requires the use of licensed software (Cisco AnyConnect). Instructions for how to install and configure the Cisco AnyConnect software can be found on the ITS website.

VPN Remote Access diagram