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Information Technology Services

PeopleTools Upgrade - Next Steps

This is the final installment of a three-part series about the PeopleTools upgrade. Check out Part 1 to learn more about the purpose and benefits of the upgrade, and Part 2 for a ?behind-the-scenes? view of the upgrade process.

PeopleTools Upgrade - Innovation in Action "Innovation in Action" - a graphical view of the PeopleTools upgrade. (PDF, 1.36 MB; Text-only version)

"Over the next month or so we will work on communicating the positive impacts of this upgrade. Although many of the PeopleTools interfaces won't reach the community until after the Finance upgrade there will be changes for administrators, performance increases and the opportunity for more functionality."

~ Bo Wandschneider, CIO and AVP (ITServices)

All of this effort resulted in more than just the successful launch of an improved administrative system. It also led to the creation of an effective framework for the development and execution of extensive testing plans, paving the way for future upgrades.

The next phase of the plan will be the upgrade of PeopleSoft from version 9.0 to 9.2. The Finance upgrade will be the first to be implemented, with a targeted go-live in October 2014. There will be noticeable differences in this version and substantial impacts to end-users, so more attention will be paid to managing and communicating changes, training and evaluation.

ITServices recently welcomed several new staff members to the PeopleSoft Sustainment unit, who were brought in to provide project support and to help strengthen working relationships with business owners. The team now includes a training lead, a dedicated PeopleSoft project manager, as well as a project management team from IBM.

While the PeopleTools upgrade marks a major achievement for ITServices, there is still more work ahead. The Sustainment team continues to work tirelessly on the planning and implementation of improvements to Queen's most important administrative platform. Stay tuned!