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News and Announcements

Online Security
: Look for ITServices on campus in October to learn about online security. When you stop by, pick up free bags, pens, bookmarks and magnets, courtesy of ITServices.

ITServices Workshops
: ITServices' Fall 2010 Workshop schedule now available.

Outreach Brown Bag: StudentVoice! survey tool featured at ITServices October Outreach Brown Bag.

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Security Corner

word image with the words online security, identity theft, privacy, computer hacking, phishing attacks, and social networkingCybercrime: Put on the Brakes and Park your Mouse...


Put on the brakes, park your mouse and learn about the current computer security, privacy and online safety issues. For using internet applications, there's no beginner's permit and no mandatory driver's test - all you have is the filter between your ears. Use it wisely!

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Tech Tip

Size Does Matter


One display of good netiquette is to reduce the size of your images or digital pictures before sending them to friends and family via email.  "Size Does Matter" walks you through the steps of reducing an image using Photoshop. 

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Teaching & Learning

Online Training a Great Way to Learn Computer Skills

Read about how staff members in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) used online training by Atomic Learning to build their computer skills with a solution that's flexible, equitable and cost-efficient. 

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Naming Contest for QCARD Replacement

Students named QCARD, and now you can help name its replacement. Enter for the chance of winning a prize and sealing your place in Queen's history!. 

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Apple iPad: A Review image of an iPad


Apple has sold over 3 million iPads since releasing it earlier this year. However, many of us have yet to see this device in action and therefore do not understand the pros or cons of owning one for ourselves. Hopefully this article will help readers understand this popular little machine a little more.

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Time Saving Tips and Tricksimage of a clock face with the words time savers written on the face


Every once in a while someone will show you something you didn't know before. A tip or short cut that you wish had known a long time ago because it would have saved you valuable time!  Some tips help prevent problems and save you time from having to take your computer in to be repaired. Other tips and tricks just help you get your work done faster.   

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Extending the Lifespan of Your Notebook Computer


The lifespan of your notebook computer depends upon many things, such as heat, battery life, and avoiding those coffee or pop spills.  This article provides valuable advice for extending the lifespan of your notebook until something newer and faster is needed.

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