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Queen's University

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Creating Subscriptions with QShare

As the online file storage, distribution and sharing solution for the Queen's campus, QShare is increasingly being used for shared documents and web pages where the content can change daily, weekly or several months down the road. It might be a policy document, a friend's web page, your professor's reading list, a schedule of activities for an event or your department or group's private contact list. The list is really endless  (although if anyone knows of a shared "recipe folder", can you please let us know at


Staying on top of important information stored in files can be time consuming if we don't know exactly when changes or updates will take place. It can also stretch the elasticity of our memory as the number of online files increases over time. Fortunately, QShare provides a solution for keeping us up-to-date when changes take place in both files and folders.


Subscriptions in QShare work the same way they work when you subscribe to your favourite magazine. If you subscribe to a QShare folder, every time a new file is added to the folder you will receive a short email telling you a new file has been added. Similarly, if you subscribe to a QShare file, every time the file is updated or changed you will receive a short email informing you that the file has been changed.

You can create a subscription to any folder or file you have permission to read. You do not have to be the editor or owner of folder or file in order to set up a subscription. This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a subscription to a QShare file.




How to Subscribe to a QShare File

First, log into your QShare account and navigate to the file you wish to be notified about should the content ever change. Creating a subscription is as easy as one, two, three:


  1. Right mouse-click and select Manage, Subscriptions

    Image of the QShare screen highlighting in a red border the pop-up menus for Manage and Subscriptions


  3. Click the New Subscription button

    image of the new subscription page


  5. Choose what you want to be notified about:
    • Notify Me When
      • The file is edited
      • The file is viewed
      • The file's comments are edited
    • Report Frequency:
      • Daily (once a day, usually around 2:00 am)
      • Immediately
    • When subscription Expires:
      • Never (subscription will remain as long as the file remains)
      • On (select a date for the subscription to expire)
    • Click the OK button and the next time there is a change to the file, you will receive a short email notification.
image of the subscription notification options screen


For more tutorials on QShare go to







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