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Queen's University

Spring 2010 Newsletter

How to Change Your Password

This article explains how faculty, staff and students can change their NetID password.


If you do not remember your current password:

  • Faculty and Staff will need to contact their ITAdmin Rep or the ITServices Main Office.
  • Students who have completed the challenge questions and supplied an alternate email address will be able to use the NetID Self Service Password Reset Tool. If students did not complete the challenge questions and supply an alternate email address they will need to contact the IT Support Centre at 613.533.6968 or complete the Help Form.


Step 1: Think About It  


Image of character considering possible passwords and finalizing choice of 10 characters, upper & lower case, alpha-numeric and with special charactersThink about your new password before you login to the NetID Profile Manager. Setting a strong password, such as a 10 character password for access to the PeopleSoft web application, requires careful thought to ensure that you will remember your new password. Before changing your password, it is highly recommended that you review the Strong Passwords page for tips on how to create strong passwords that are meaningful and memorable. 


One example is to create a new password based on a pass phrase. Using the pass phrase technique is very effective; then select the first, or only the second, letter of the words in the phrase and include a random capital letter, numbers and a symbol. One example of a pass phrase is: "How will I ever remember a password now". This can easily be translated into a 10 character password as: Hwi!Er@pn8. The key point to remembering a new password is to come up with a pass phrase that is meaningful to you personally. Note: Do not use published examples of passwords as your password.



The Profile NetID Manager login screen image asking you to login with your NetID and password

Step 2: Login to the NetID Profile Manager


Open a browser and go to the NetID Profile manager:


Go to



  • Enter your NetID

  • Enter your password

  • Click the Login button

When you click on the Login button, the image below
in Step 3 will be presented to you.








NetID Profile Manager screen highlighting the first link of change password as the button to click on.

Step 3: NetID Profile Manager Screen


The NetID Profile Manger screen will open. 


  • From the menu select Change Password


When you click on the Change Password button
from this screen, the change Password screen
window will open as presented below in Step 4.


Follow the instructions below.








The Change Password screen image asking for a new password, a confirmation of new password to be typed again followed by clicking on the change password button.

Step 4: The Change Password Screen


The Change Password screen will open
as illustrated in the image to the right.


  • Enter your new password

  • Confirm your new password (good idea not
    to copy and paste ... if you originally made
    a mistake you would be copying the mistake)

  • Click the Change Password button (or
    click on the Cancel button to start over).

Your Password will be changed.


Note: it could take several hours for your new
password to migrate to all systems.


Don't forget to Logout (Upper right hand corner).



These instructions to change your NetID Password are also presented on the ITServices web site at:


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