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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011 Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge by completing the Spring Crossword Puzzle below. Education is one of the major benefits of solving crossword puzzles - and it's fun! The Winter 2011 Security Crossword Puzzle solution is at the bottom of this page.


The Spring Crossword Puzzle below can be completed by printing the puzzle or by importing the crossword puzzle into an application that is able to read binary .puz (dot PUZ)  file format. You can then complete the puzzle on your computer. If you already have an application that will read binary .puz crossword format, simply download the Spring Crossword binary (.puz) file. If you do not have an application that reads .puz format, follow the instructions outlined in the box "Download and Install Across Lite" below the puzzle to solve the puzzle on your computer.   The theme for this puzzle is the Spring 2011 Newsletter content! 


Spring 2011 Crossword Puzzle Image





1. The Queen's online file storage and sharing solution.

3. Another application in Office.

5. Where do I go to find the new Computing Safely @ Queen's course?
8. Just another action word to browse today.
9. Where you can go on campus to try out technology.
12. One major advantage of the new portal.
14. A ____ tab replaces the office orb in Office 2010.
15. How to change the location of My Documents, for example.



2. ITServices is raising web ______________ awareness.

4. One major benefit of solving crossword puzzles.

6. The name of the new portal?

7. What's not to be afraid of?

10. Trucks are not the only things that need to do this.

11. What you gain from the tips and tricks.

13. QCARD's replacement.






Print a PDF version of this puzzle to fill it out by hand: Spring Crossword Puzzle (PDF, 114KB)



Download and Install Across Lite

  1. Save the Spring Crossword Puzzle (.puz) binary file on your computer. Remember where you save it.
  2. Go to the Across Lite download web page.
  3. Select your computer platform and download Across Lite. Remember where you save it.
  4. Open "Across Lite" and follow the instructions to install the program.
  5. Once installed, click on the Across Lite icon to open the program.
  6. Click on File/Open and navigate to where you saved the crossword .puz file and double click to open and play.
  7. Extensive help is available in Across Lite by clicking on the help button.















Solution to the Winter 2011 Security Crossword Puzzle

Image of the Winter 2011 Crossword solution


We hope you enjoyed solving the Winter 2011 Security Crossword Puzzle and at the same time, learning more about the many facets of computer security that we are faced with today. Congratulations to Sue Sproule who was the first person to submit the correct solution to the puzzle. Sue won a security tote bag filled with goodies, including a new security cable for a laptop.


Multiple correct answers:


  15 across: Both "Date" and "Name" are correct.

   7 down: Both "Browser" and "Written" are correct.


To view (or print) the crossword solution from your computer, please download the Winter 2011 Puzzle solution for Across Lite (.PUZ file).

















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