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Queen's University

Winter 2011 Newsletter

In the Spotlight

Changes To Your Applications May Be Required


thumbnail of stylized binary code representing computer dataIf your department relies on information published by ITServices for use in systems or services that your unit provides, then changes to data resulting from the PeopleSoft implementations may impact you.

>> Learn more about coming data changes ...



Security Corner

Is Your Copier Divulging Your Secrets?


thumbnail of printerCopiers, printers and other devices connected to the Internet can pose a serious security risk, especially if they contain hard drives. Find out what you need to do to protect the University's personal and confidential data.

>> Learn how to protect the networked devices in your office ...

Tech Tip

Size Does Matter: Reducing Many Images


Reducing a large number of images can be very time consuming if you are resizing them one-at-a-time! This article demonstrates how you can resize multiple images, all at the same time, using Photoshop.

>> Learn how to resize many images all at once...



Teaching & Learning

Bye-bye WebCT!


thumbnail of WebCT logo with X through itthumbnail of WebCT logo with X through itQueen's will be discontinuing WebCT in August 2011. In its place is a new learning management system called Moodle. Learn key dates in the timeline for phasing out WebCT, and find out how you can get to know Moodle better.

>> Read more about the decommissioning timeline ...



Mailing List Server Upgrade to Version 16

The Queen's Mailing List Server (LISTSERV) was upgraded from version 15.0 to 16.0 in June 2010. This article presents a few of the highlights, such as a facility to create quality HTML newsletters, and enhancements to the Messaging Posting interface and mailing list home pages.

>> Read to learn more about these new features ...



Summer Student Web Resource Program


thumbnail of moodle logoSummer is a great time to work on new and existing web-based projects. If you would like ITServices to hire and train students to help you this summer, let us know!

>> Learn more about how ITServices can help with your projects ...



question markChanges @ the ITSC


First level support at the IT Support Centre is now being provisioned by full-time staff members instead of students.

>> Learn more about the reasons for change ...




Time Saving Tips and Tricksimage of a clock face with the words time savers  written on the face


New tips and tricks include short cuts, an easy way to create strong passwords, how to speed up your display and how to find your applications faster on XP.

>> Read about these tips and tricks...



Web Accessibility and Crossword Puzzles


image of a computer screen with a picture of a hand filling out a crossword puzzle by pencil

The traditional method for adding a crossword puzzle to a web page is to put the image up on the page (for users to print and fill out by hand). Unfortunately, this is not accessible to a visually impaired person since they cannot see the puzzle. This article explores how to create accessible online crossword puzzles and provides an example Security Crossword Puzzle; be the
first to solve it and win a prize!

>> Read to learn more about web accessible crosswords ...


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